Tuesday, July 19, 2016

PLAYMOBIL travel sets makes family travel less stressful

As families plan a big summer vacation, parents try to tackle all the must haves. While kids would love to pack the entire toy chest, mom and dad would prefer not to overspend on baggage fees. Still, kids can benefit from a few, easy to travel toys. A PLAYMOBIL travel set can make those rainy days, long car rides or just general downtime filled with smiles, not frowns. 

PLAYMOBIL has several travel sets that can keep the smiles and fun through the longest car ride, plane ride or rainstorm. Many of the travel sets come in its own travel case. Parents don’t have to worry about pieces falling to the bottom of the backpack. The carrying case conveniently holds all the pieces in one place. 

The case, itself, is part of the play. As the backdrop to the play area, the carrying case is the school house, fire station, or even soccer field. Available in various sizes and themes, kids can imagine a numerous scenarios and play for hours. 

The PLAYMOBIL travel sets come in the following options, Take Along School House, Take Along Fire Station, Police Carry Case, Fashion Boutique Carry Case, Vet Visit Carry Case, and Soccer Shootout Carry Case. The each set comes with figures and props that accompany the theme. The travel sets are recommended for ages 4 and older. Prices range from $9.99-$39.99 depending on the size of the travel set. 

For your family’s next trip, skip the stress and bring on the fun. Pack a PLAYMOBIL travel set and keep the smiles going all trip long.