Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Making the big game fun for the non-football fans

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know that this Sunday is the Super Bowl. For the non-football fan, the hype and excitement over a bunch of grown men playing a game can seem silly. Still, you do not want to be sitting at home alone watching Real Housewives re-runs. How can you make Sunday's football extravaganza exciting for the football novice.

Forget the game, it's about the commercials
When everyone gets to work on Monday morning, the talk will be able the favorite commercials. Whether you like talking babies or iconic Clydesdales, you have to have seen the commercials to be part of the conversation. Bingo cards for all your guests. Use categories like best use of a talking animal or funniest celebrity cameo. Prizes for the first winner can be a big bag of Doritos.

Make it a cooking throwdown
Who can resist some good food? Everyone likes to indulge in a variety of snacks, appetizers and desserts at a party. Pick a theme and throw your hat in the ring. From a chili cook-off to the ultimate cookie bake-off, you guests can get into the competition of the night. Add a trophy for the winner and this throw-down can be an annual event.

Forget the game and play a party game
For some guests, they might want to completely ignore the game, but they want to have fun being with friends. Put the guys in front of the television and grab a party game. Buffalo Games offers a variety of fast paced, laugh out loud games that will make the evening pass quickly. Options like Last Word, Gotcha and Likewise will definitely keep the event on a light note.

What are you planning for the big game? Is it all about football or just about being with friends? Share your thoughts in the comments section.