Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Marvel Super Hero Mashers imaginative new combinations

Marvel Super Heroes have extreme strength, unrelenting determination, and undying bravery. For example, Spider- Man can swing between buildings and the Hulk can smash barriers in his path. What if these two powers be combined into an imaginative new combination? Now kids can create their own super hero with Marvel Super Hero Mashers.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers is a new action figure from Hasbro. This line of action figures allows the user to create his or her own #MyMashUp. Each figure comes with completely interchangeable parts and accessories. Swap heroes or create a hero/villain combination; let your imagination guide you.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers have two versions, the regular figure and the Battle Upgrade Figures.
The Marvel Super Hero Mashers action figures will feature 13 figures in the assortment. Kids can interchange Spider-Man's body with Green Goblin's head. Whether you want a uber-powerful superhero or a diabolical villain, the Mashers conform to your imagination. This version retails for $9.99.

The Battle Upgrade Action figure comes with multiple battle gear pieces. The Iron Patriot comes with a launching missile. The battle gear is interchangeable, like the figure assortments. There are seven figures in this assortment. The Battle Upgrade figures retail for $14.99.

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