Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thames and Kosmos science experiments on the go, travel with science

As families travel for Spring Break or plan a fun summer vacation, parents fear the boredom factor. How will the kids stay occupied on airplane trips or long car rides? While electronic devices are an option, kids can benefit from an activity that is smart-device free. The Thames and Kosmos Science Experiments On The Go are a great travel friendly option.

The Thames and Kosmos Science Experiments On The Go are fun experiments that are travel friendly. Whether the kids are cramped on a crowded airplane or stuck in the back seat of the car, these science experiments keep a child's mind active and boredom away. Plus, a few of the items can make for great adventures once the family has reached its final destination.

The kit includes 8 experiments and a 10 page manual. Kids can assemble a simple pair of binoculars and explore the world around them. For the more adventurous, they can set up a mini cable car to run between windows or tray tables. Just make sure that the people around you are willing to share in the fun. 

Other activities include: explore rotational speed with a spinning disk experiment; build a balance scale to measure weights; calculate how far a distance is on a map, and how fast you are traveling. For those who prefer not to build, there are fun facts about migrating animals and how fast Earth is traveling through space. Also, learn about optical illusions with a spinning top and a lenticular postcard. 

The Thames and Kosmos Science Experiments On The Go kit is recommended for ages 8 and up. It retails for approximately $13.95. For more information on the kit and where to purchase it, please visit the Thames and Kosmos website.

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