Thursday, September 22, 2016

3D Coin Art, a visual representation of personal savings

Putting coin after coin into the darkened hole of piggy back can be un-rewarding. How much is truly in the pig? Is it close to be filled? How long will it take to achieve my savings goal? With 3D Coin Art, kids have a clear, visual representation of their savings.

The 3D Coin Art is a puzzle that uses coins to create a piece of art that is also a savings bank. Shaped like an American flag, the 3D Coin Art holds $25 in coins. With this 3D puzzle/coin counter, the kids can visually appreciate how much they have saved.

The 3D Coin Art contains 1 coin tray, 1 coin lid, 1 stand with 2 brackets, 3 stickers, 2 coin counters and an instruction sheet. The puzzle takes pennies, nickels and dimes to complete. The total value of coins, once complete, is $25.

Encouraging kids to save money can be difficult, especially with change. The day when my son thought a credit card came with unlimited spending told me that he had some money lessons to learn. While change can often end up at the bottom of a purse, car cup holder or even the couch cushion, all those forgotten coins can add up to bigger money. My hope is that this 3D Coin Art teaches that lesson.

One afternoon, I asked the kids to gather all the coins that they could find around the house. From bags to cushions, we found quite a collection of coins. Before we started counting, I asked the boys "How much money do you think we have?" One son said $5 and other said $35 (neither one was right). As we counted out the money, it lead to many discussions. What would you do with $25? More iTunes gift cards, more starbucks, I want to save it for my birthday, I want new swim goggles, I should put it in my bank account, etc. etc. We talked about money, spending and savings. Do we really need something? Should we wait and keep saving for something we really want?

Through the course of the afternoon, counting money and putting together this American Flag, we realized that we shouldn't just dismiss all that change laying around the house. Think about how many times you take the change from the grocery store or fast food stop and it is left in the car. What if we took that money and put it towards something good? Save it, give it to charity, but overall appreciate what we have and be more conscious about money. Putting the 3D Coin Art together was a good physical activity that sparked an important conversation.

While our flag didn't get completed with our house "spare change," it served a bigger purpose. Before we buy something, we discuss whether it is a necessary purchase. We try not to let change go un-noticed or discarded. We want to save for a big family experience. The 3D Coin Art helped our family have good talk about money and its purpose. Maybe this puzzle and activity can spark a conversation in your house too.

The 3D Coin Art American Flag is available online and at various retailers. The puzzle retails for approximately $19.99.

Disclosure: The writer received this item for purposes of this post. All opinions are her own and were not influenced by any person or entity.

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